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The Cinnamon Club has now been booked and the non-returnable deposit (actually the full booking fee) paid – so let’s have you there, eh? Incidentally, I found today that the Stamford Arms currently does not serve food and this will still be the case at 8th September. However, the pub is immediately next door to a Chef & Brewer pub called The Griffin. It will be important to get some idea of how many people plan to eat as they won’t be able to cope with a huge influx of customers. As our event lasts pretty much all day, it shouldn’t be a problem if attendees eat at The Griffin in small groups spread throughout the day. I have a current menu but won’t post it yet as I’m told this may have changed by the beginning of September.

This will be billed primarily as a Sloggers & Betters (North) meeting, from around 12 noon, with the 50th celebration taking place in the evening. The location is Altrincham in Cheshire, which has reasonably good rail links. The Metro service terminates at Altrincham so you won’t miss your stop – the line does continue south, where the next stop is HALE; this is closer to the venue, 10-15 minutes’ walk. It’s actually very little further if you get off in Altrincham but, from Hale, you do at least have a very direct walk in along Ashley Road/Stamford Road. Here’s a map:

The pub is the Stamford Arms, situated on the corner of Stamford Road and The Firs. It looks something like this:

Later you will be invited to celebrate my 50th at the Cinnamon Club, just up the road and on the same side as the pub. This is where my band will be putting on some sweet funky/discoey/souly classics for your dancing delight. Here’s the place:

If we swivel on the spot from this location and look back towards the pub, this is the view:

As you can see, probably less than 100 metres.

Now look. I’m planning on being 50 only once, and I really want my friends from crosswordland to come and celebrate with me. I’m going to prepare an emailable invite because, obviously, there are several people who don’t use this or other crossword sites often, if at all. BUT – the size of the Cinnamon Club means that it can only accommodate about 100 people (110 at the very most, they tell me).

PLEASE, PLEASE email me if you intend to come along – anaxcrosswords@yahoo.co.uk – and I’ll get the invite out to you.

OOPS. My cut & paste missed out an entire paragraph, the most important bit of which was the date:

Saturday, 8th September.

There you go.


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5 responses to “50th – a few more details…

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  1. So do we get to know when?

  2. Apologies John – you were reading and responding while I updated the post! My cut & paste had missed the final paragraph.

  3. I’m all in and the train booked up for less than it costs to get me to That London for a day. I’ll squiz out accommodation up there for the overnighter.
    Looking forward to the funk-fest! – Barry

  4. Hi Dean

    Sorry I won’t be able to attend on the 8th: hope you have a great day.


  5. Had hoped to go, until I clocked the date – have family stuff that day.

    Hope it’s a blast for all who can attend.

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