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An excellent day out in Todmorden with crossword buddies old and new, and a special treat for me to be able to meet up with fellow Telegraph setter Myops for the first time – great to know that there are still some setters who shun the ‘easy way out’ of crossword software and do everything by hand (something which is also true of the lovely Arachne, by the way).

I took a few pics on the day but on my return home I discovered, to my horror, that the camera had developed a fault as it wrote to the memory card so some photos were a pretty meaningless jumble of pixels. Here are the ones that survived:


We started to wrap things up by about 5pm and it was time for me to head down to Rochdale where my band had a hastily arranged gig – a very long night that saw us on stage until about 1am. A cracker of a gig it was too, a debut for our dep singer while our full-time vocalist is on maternity leave, and by heaven we went down well (one punter described us as the best band he’d ever seen at the venue, which is fantastic when you consider they put on three bands a week). But I mention all of this mainly to explain what happened with the photos – here’s one of our singer:

Interesting… but not quite what I was after!

Incidentally, hope those of you who attempted today’s Sunday Times effort enjoyed it. On the Times Crossword Club it sparked a minor debate on homophones, a subject I really must get round to writing about some time.


Posted April 22, 2012 by Anax in Newsification

2 responses to “Sloggers & Funkers – update

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  1. I was so pleased to meet Anax, so perceptive & generous, that we (my wife & one of our sons were with me) are still talking about it & how glad we were to have stopped in Todmorden. We may meet again (London, June?), but I am unlikely to be any more up-to-date.

  2. Nice to meet you and Big Dave bought me a drink!
    Now Thats what I call “a result”

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