Sloggers & Funkers 21st April   1 comment

This weekend’s Sloggers & Betters at Bramsche Bar in Todmorden, organised by Tilsit, looks like fun and I’m very much looking forward to meeting solvers/setters who can’t attend the more south-centric gatherings.

Music lovers have Friday night (or tomorrow night, as it’s also known) entertainment lined up but, unexpectedly, there’s some additional fun for those who want to make a Saturday night of it too. To cut a long story short, after a cancellation by a previously booked band my own band was approached by The Flying Horse Hotel in Rochdale (about 10 miles down the road from Todmorden). Nice-looking place too:

This booking was at very short notice for us and, sadly, our keyboard player is unavailable, so we’ll be performing as Mini LeFunk! (that’s vocals, guitar and bass with drums/keyboards on backing track). Obviously the full band is better for those who prefer the big show, but the nice thing about Mini LeFunk! is that we don’t have to be too loud – with the full band, the drumkit dictates how loud everything else has to be.

We promise to put on a great night of funk, disco and soul classics, although please do bear in mind that we don’t start our first set until about 10:30pm – that’s just the way this particular venue operates. Hope some of the Sloggers & Betters attendees will come along and dance the night away, or sit and clap at the appropriate moments anyway.


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  1. Ah, the town where I was born. Shame that I live in the south now.

    Hope you enjoy it — it’s lovely round there.

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