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Anax returns to le Saturday slot dans tomorrow’s Independent, so please get yourself un copy et support tree felling. Sur le other hand, if you want go vert you can visit l’Independent website next weekend et solve it online. Merci.

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  1. Merci Beaucoup mon brave!. Je vais devoir acheter un journal.

    While we are all Franglais and dealing with superlatives, I think that this would be a good place to share the world’s greatest Franglais pun as created by Miles Kington. This is a letter from the Times newspaper:


    Sir, It is only right to draw attention to Miles Kington’s French Navy pun, surely the finest Franglais pun ever coined, and a worthy epitaph for the man.

    The French Navy, he claimed, had adopted a new, uplifting slogan, to spur its seamen on to valour and glory in France’s hour of need. “To the water! The hour has come!”.

    Or, in French: “A l’eau. C’est l’heure!”

    We know that phoneticism

  2. Merci beaucoup indeed. It has taken me on and off since yesterday morning to get to the end of this casse-tete – although taken many years ago, the old French A-level did come in handy. Thanks for the excellent weekend diversion. I think the Franglais clues were my favourites.

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