Elkamere returns   5 comments

Please buy tomorrow’s Telegraph, folks – second appearance of Elkamere in the Toughie series.

Posted August 3, 2011 by Anax in Newsification

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5 responses to “Elkamere returns

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  1. A thing of great joy – but do tell, is there a setter’s conspiracy – that’s the third time I have seen the 18d in different cryptics in very recent times!

  2. How strange! Can’t say I’ve seen it, although I’ve not solved many in recent weeks – to be honest it was pretty much forced into the grid and is the sort of obscure(-ish) answer I’d usually try to avoid. Well, not obscure as such; just the sort of word that doesn’t crop up in regular conversation unless you’re some sort of rampant echidnaist.

  3. Not sure I would want to meet a rampant echidnaist, especially after dark 🙂

    Gnomey and I often point out the number of times the same word(s) will appear in the various cryptics over a couple of weeks. We still believe there’s a conspiracy – we wonder if the editors give a bonus to anyone who fits in ‘word of the month’.

  4. Hi Anax
    This was my most enjoyable solve of the day by far so please continue to give notification of Elkamere’s appearance in the Telegraph so that I don’t miss future ones.

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