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Er – what’s the singular form of ‘bits & pieces’? Whatever. I noticed WordPress allows you to link to video so I thought I’d give it a try.

There is, amazingly, a world outside crosswords. For me, admittedly, it’s not a tremendously important world, but it’s there and it’s wise to make some use of it. So when I’m not playing with words I’m playing with music and this video is a cover of The Jacksons’ hit Blame It On The Boogie. It’s performed by my band LeFunk! and – bit of shameless advertising bumf here – it actually represents very accurately what we do live. You’ll hear handclaps; via the use of footswitch triggers Dave (guitarist) and I produce these on stage. You’ll also hear a strange vocal backing on the semi-accapella chorus in the middle of the song; again, this is done live via an impressively complicated microphone-thru-guitar-thru-vocoder-thru-guitar effects unit (so you sing into the mic and the notes that come out match whatever strings are being played on guitar).

Anyway, I think this sounds rather good. The band was originally put together in January last year but underwent a major personnel change last summer – only Anna (keyboards), Dave and me were in the original line-up. There were four others but, for a variety of reasons, they couldn’t give us what we needed. Vocalist Laura and drummer Benn stepped in and blew us away with their ability and it really shows in the recordings we’ve done.

LeFunk! will be doing the party/wedding/event circuit mainly in the Manchester and Cheshire area from April this year – we’re just in the process of adding the last few songs that will comfortably give us a 2-hour set with choices of material.


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  1. This was amazing, thanks for sharing! Your pictures with the video look great too.

  2. Love it. Very tight sound, you deserve to get a LOT of bookings!

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