Sloggers & Betters in DERBY – The Photographic Evidence   7 comments

What a superb day (and night) that was; a real pleasure to meet so many bloggers and solvers after such a long time of knowing screennames only. Huge, huge thanks to Peter Harvey for bringing it all together – I’m absolutely certain this event marked the first of many based in the Midlands and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next. For now, here are a few pics:









There were of course several of us with cameras; do feel free to send me any you’d like to add here, and equally feel free to use any of the above in your own gallery (or just download them if you want to save them).


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7 responses to “Sloggers & Betters in DERBY – The Photographic Evidence

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  1. I was sad to arrive late, but it really was a last minute thing.

    Great to meet so many lovely.

    Hope Jeremy managed to get home (he was on his third attempt last time I saw him!)!

  2. Just good to see you there Dave.

  3. Shame I couldn’t make it, I mean that. The theme in your crossword is your other half’s side I assume. liked it a lot even in my feverish state. Hope I’ve not given anything away here. Nice to see the folks we battle with/against. thanks for the pictures though – can you name the participants against the photos?

  4. Hi Flashling
    Yes, would have been great to see you there – but it was such a success I’m sure there will be many more S&Bs in the Midlands (just possible we may plump for middle of Birmingham for a future one – even more convenient in terms of travel) so I’m sure we’ll meet up.
    As for the puzzle theme; no, it was pretty random to be honest – it came about because I’d been trying without success to make an anagram for but some of the tentative results pointed towards putting them into a crossword instead. The original hope had been a puzzle which incorporated the first names of 15sq Indy bloggers in the grid but it was (rightly) deemed potentially unfair for a prize puzzle. That one will appear probably on a Thursday in the near-ish future.
    I haven’t captioned the photos; because it was such a success in terms of numbers it wasn’t possible to circulate and meet everyone so I must confess to not knowing who some of them are – leaving gaps in the captions would have looked a bit silly so I went for the lazy option and added none at all!

  5. Just to say a thank you for all your enthusiasm in promoting the event, and for the super photos. I was really pleased to meet you and Jayne – seems like everyone had a fantastic afternoon, and I know I certainly did.

  6. Just about recovered from Saturday – my thanks esp to Peter and Eileen for all the effort they put into it. Next time could someone make sure I get put on an earlier train. Managed to catch the last one, (strangely full of drunks!, so I think my inebriated state may have gone unnoticed there). Good to meet (almost) everybody

  7. Kathryn’s Dad has put it perfectly! Very many thanks for coming. See you both next time!

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