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There are two Anax puzzles in the Independent this month, both on a Saturday, the first one tomorrow. It isn’t themed, but…

An odd coincidence – yesterday’s crossword by Buzzer in The Hindu was mightily impressive; all clues started with the letter B, reminding me of the ‘B-headed by Anax’ puzzle that appeared on Alberich’s Free Crosswords Online site a few years ago. Buzzer’s effort is especially remarkable since English is not his native tongue. Anyway, after seeing Buzzer’s puzzle my mind immediately latched onto the idea of crosswords which are not themed as such but have clue constraints, and the last one I did was a couple of years ago in the ‘i’ (and, if I remember correctly, at a later date in the Independent) in which the 26 clues started with consecutive letters of the alphabet.

Tomorrow’s prize crossword takes the idea a little further. I’m sure you’ll notice but, more to the point, hope you enjoy it.


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  1. Ace – just hitting the garage then the battle-cruiser for a crossy and dart session.

  2. So I decided to give it a go as it was you, and I’ve started doing the Indy regularly now (for the last week or so anyway). Boy was that tough! I don’t know if it was the clues themselves that put me off (all starting “One is…”) or if it was just super-hard anyway! Great puzzle though, and well worth the hour or so I spent solving the thing.

  3. To say that was superhard would be the understatement of the last sixty years. Taken me on and off since yesterday morning but I have done it! Don’t understand the wordplay of a couple but will think on them while I rest in a darkened room before tackling the Sunday Times by some chap called Dean Mayer.


  4. One is amused!

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