Sloggers & Betters Prize Puzzle – last chance   3 comments

Today is the closing date for Prize Puzzle entries (the puzzle can be accessed here: I’ve got a busy weekend so won’t be picking a winner until Monday 18th July – but you may be wondering how the winner will be selected. Here’s the plan:

I’ll count up the number of entries, double that and round up to the nearest 10 (so, if there are 26 entries I’ll use 60). At random, each entry will be assigned a number within that range but not within 10 of highest/lowest value. Thus if 60 is the figure, numbers assigned will be between 10-50. I’ll then do the old “phone  a friend” thing and get them to start reeling off random numbers within the 01-60 range, and as soon as we get a hit we’ll have our winner. Fair enough?


Posted July 15, 2011 by Anax in Newsification

3 responses to “Sloggers & Betters Prize Puzzle – last chance

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  1. I did think of a slightly more complicated way of doing the judging but having kicked the whole idea around with my mates* we decided that we couldn’t make things any more complicated. Good Work!

    *Non-solving people

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