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Users of Crossword Compiler by Antony Lewis are likely to be users of his WordWeb Pro package too. This has just been given a superb new addition in the form of around one third of the 20-volume Shorter Oxford English Dictionary. Only one third? Well, think of it as a printed dictionary of around 7 volumes and it’s still pretty huge! The download price is a very reasonable £29. Alternatively you could treat yourself to an even fuller package which includes the above and the Chambers Dictionary and Chambers Thesaurus for just £45. PLEASE NOTE – THESE PRICES REPRESENT A 40% DISCOUNT LAUNCH OFFER! I think this is superb value. For more information and a screen shot please see this page: and to order go here:

UPDATE: I have now downloaded the £45 bundle and have taken a peek. All I can say is “WOW!!!” – it really is a stunning piece of cruciverbal kit. Remember, you don’t need Crossword Compiler to use WordWeb Pro; it’s a standalone package which is just as useful for solvers as it is for setters. And I wholeheartedly give it a 100% recommendation.


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  1. Anax

    I think your explanation has gone off the rails somewhere.

    The full Oxford English Dictionary extends to 20 volumes. The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is only two volumes and, as far as I am aware, the download gives you all of this dictionary, which contains one-third of the coverage of the OED. What it doesn’t have is the extensive examples of where the words were first used that the OED has.

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