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Facebook   3 comments

After installing AdBlock I find I can no longer access FaceBook, despite all attempts to disable it for the site, re-launching the browser, resetting the router etc etc. With immediate effect, and based on the fact that I really can’t be bothered messing around with it, I am OFF FaceBook with no particular desire to return. I’d recommend you bookmark this blog if you haven’t already done so, as I can’t even access FB using the ‘share’ function here.

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Keep yourself up to date with the latest cryptic crossword news   Leave a comment

Sam Wilson has set up a Google blog page which lists all the latest happenings in the world of cryptic crosswords. It’s really surprising that no-one has thought of doing this before, but there you go! I’ve included a permanent link in the list on the bottom left of this page, but here’s the bookmark you need: – highly recommended!

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Are the ‘Croscars’ a good idea?   7 comments

2013 promises to be an exciting cruciverbal year as we celebrate 100 years of crosswords, and several plans are afoot to attract new solvers (and, hopefully, setters) into our friendly fold. However, there’s just one plan that worries me slightly. Read the rest of this entry »

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Happy New Year!   1 comment

And we start 2013 with a little grumble. Setters don’t expect to log on to forums and see their work greeted with universal plaudits, and we’re always happy to have our (hopefully minor) failings pointed out, but there is one comment that makes me grit my teeth. Read the rest of this entry »

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Need non-cryptic crosswords?   Leave a comment

Over the past 4 or so years I’ve assembled quite a few 15×15 non-cryptic puzzles, each a mix of straight definition and mild general knowledge clues. These have been supplied to a couple of in-house monthly publications on a non-exclusive basis. The time has come to allow these puzzles to have a fresh airing elsewhere, and I’d like them to go to monthly magazines (or indeed any type of publication) which want high quality crosswords without the usual expense – for puzzles of this type the minimum fee would be around £50 per puzzle.

So here’s what I’m offering; 36 crosswords, effectively a 3-year supply, for just £350. Each is presented with fully artworked puzzle/solution grids in BMP or TIFF format, with clues and reference grids in a single Word document, all supplied by email. Payment can be by PayPal or BACS.

Know anyone involved with a magazine? Any way you could make this offer known to them?

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100 Years of the Crossword – 4 days left   Leave a comment

There’s still time (4 days) to catch Radio 4’s hour-long programme celebrating 100 years of the cryptic crossword:

Lots of interesting material including interviews with Ruth Crisp (Crispa), John Graham (Araucaria) and former Telegraph crossword editor Val Gilbert. My own take? Well, it contains plenty of fascinating insights and was certainly an enjoyable listen but, for me, seems to end the story at a point 20-30 years ago. It may be that most Radio 4 listeners stopped remembering stuff around that time, but really… it would have been nice to hear about where the cryptic crossword is at right now. Contemporary – and highly influential – setters such as John Halpern, John Henderson etc don’t get a look in, which is a shame.

2013 is when our celebrations will be in full swing, so let’s hope the new year will see the modern cryptic crossword covered more extensively.

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Weekend Puzzles   Leave a comment

A double dose of yours truly, I’m afraid. Anax in the Independent tomorrow, followed by a Sunday Times effort.

What else? Oh yeah – next week looks like being a bit insane (can anything be a bit insane?). Mostly stuff with the band, comprising rehearsal on Monday and two full days in a recording studio on Wedmesday/Thursday. Most of Tuesday will be spent sitting in the audience while I watch a friend doing a TV quiz thingy, followed by an extremely late excursion to whatever local tavern may still be open. Friday? A band gig. Pretty busy all round, and who knows? I might just be able to squeeze in the occasional tiny bit of a-damn-sight-more-important crossword work. Actually, no – I’ve been slogging at it nonstop for about a month; maybe a week of puzzles on the back burner will be healthy.

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3D Crossword Puzzle Calendar 2013   Leave a comment

Great news – the 3D Crossword Puzzle Calendar 2013 is now available. Read the rest of this entry »

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Where have I been???   Leave a comment

Yes, I know. Well over a month since I last posted anything here. Am I ashamed? Yes I am.

The truth is I’ve been stupidly busy – mostly setting, quite a bit with the increasingly busy (popular – yay!) band. Too busy, in fact, to even mention forthcoming puzzles. In fact there was an Elkamere in the Telegraph today and I didn’t even have time to go out and get a copy of the paper. The next published efforts are in a week or so, so I’ll update here nearer the time.

Hope you’re all well and happy. It’s far too early for a New Year’s Resolution, obviously, but I’ve already made mine – to get back tp updating more regularly here.

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Crossword vs Setter – a relationship   11 comments

So, a Jumbo puzzle has just been completed and sent off for testing, which means at least an hour or so before the next crossword is started. The production line needs to be stopped temporarily. That seems odd, doesn’t it? Read the rest of this entry »

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