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SFTW 002   Leave a comment

Yes, OK, there’s one of mine in the Sunday Times this weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a wee treat in the meantime. Just for you:

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Wednesday tastes like Elkamere   5 comments

Yes indeed. And this time I mean it – it really is Elkamere offering tomorrow’s Telegraph Toughie. I’m hoping for a 3-star difficulty rating this time.

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Elkamere tomorrow…   Leave a comment

…for the Telegraph Toughie. One to raise a smile or two. Still have no idea when the next FT Loroso will be but it seems like a heck of a long time since the last one.

UPDATE: In the print version of the puzzle there’s an error at 6d – somehow the clue for 3d has been repeated. The clue should read:

Funny show featuring model and short groom (6)

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!   4 comments

Hello all. Right, I’ve been a bit quiet over the past few days but I’ve been working on something, so here it is. Something to keep you occupied for a while if you feel the need to tear yourself away from food and booze. There’s no Christmas theme – there was just this long answer I wanted to put in a grid. A warning though; if you hate long anagrams please do a runner right now!

Have fun, and to all, have a Very Merry Christmas and a Smashing New Year.

PS: You’ll all be singing it tomorrow – for your entertainment (no cheating now) here it is:

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So, what do we have lined up?   7 comments

OK, it’s a busy weekend for me, consisting largely of band gigs in the delightful town of Llangollen which will keep me away from the computer for a few days; but I can leave you with a few puzzles to play with while I’m playing away.

Tomorrow sees Elkamere return to the Friday Telegraph Toughie slot with a slightly unusual puzzle on a very odd grid (hopefully you’ll understand the choice as you solve it). Christmas comes early in this weekend’s Sunday Times with a Jumbo puzzle.  And finally Anax returns to the Independent on Monday with a gentle thematic.

Have fun one and all. Time for me to start packing gear, re-stringing the bass, giving the vocal cords a gargle, blah blah… Just hope we don’t get too much snow.

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Something for the weekend just came and went…   2 comments

Hope those of you who tackled my Sunday Times effort yesterday had fun. Sorry it wasn’t possible to plug it beforehand but I was away in Derby enjoying a lovely soiree (serious drinking session) with lots of solvers and setters – had a great time apart from incurring a seriously dead leg after a pre-evening meal snooze in the pub. Must have looked like I was blotto as we walked up to the (fantastic) Ghurka restaurant but, honestly, my left leg felt as useless and foreign as an imported corpse.

So what’s lined up this week? There’s an Anax in the Independent tomorrow… and I feel there’s another Loroso FT due but haven’t got a date. Fingers crossed. Oh, and thanks to my band’s drummer and keyboard player I have a rotten cold, so I’m going to go and lie down now.

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And relax…   1 comment

…with Elkamere’s Toughie puzzle in the Daily Telegraph tomorrow. A Tuesday slot so, hopefully, torture reduced to gas mark 1.

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Anax in today’s Independent   1 comment

Have fun! Online version here:

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Ah – so it’s THAT one   4 comments

I alluded in the previous post to Independent & Tele Toughie puzzles appearing this week. It’s the Indy today – needed to check it online as I couldn’t remember which puzzle it was! It’s here: (if you enjoy solving online, please bookmark that page for the daily puzzle).

Remember, Elkamere appears in the Telegraph on Thursday. If you can’t get the paper – and while technical problems persist with the online version – PDFs of the day’s puzzles are being made available on Big Dave’s Crossword Blog:

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Sunday – plus weekly treats   2 comments

My next Sunday Times outing is tomorrow – plus an Anax (Independent) and Elkamere (Telegraph Toughie) coming up next week.

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