John Henderson’s 50th   3 comments

A message from John Henderson (aka Nimrod, Elgar, Io)


I’d like to invite you all to a party that I’m organising at the Sheffield Tap on Saturday, October 26th. The excuse (who really needs one?) is that I shall be celebrating the slightly ripe middle age of 50, and I’d like as many friends as possible to be there!

The Sheffield Tap ( is a pub which specialises in a large variety of ales, lagers, ciders, wines, etc, etc. It is conveniently situated alongside Platform 1b at Sheffield Railway Station, so the only “crawl” involved for those of us who live in London will be getting across the bridge at the end of the day to catch the “up” train in the evening. I plan to be there with puzzles as close as possible to 10am, the pub’s opening time, but you are cordially invited to drop in whenever suits you, up until about 7pm.

There will be some sort of buffet, probably about £5-8 a head, but I’ll let you know as arrangements progress. For now, there’s a date for your diary, and I’d like to know probable numbers, so if you could express the likelihood of your attendance below, that would be great.

Bear in mind that there will be an extra hour’s recovery time that night: I was born in the hour that either doesn’t exist, or recurs: I’ve never been able to work it out…


sheffieldtap1 sheffieldtap2


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3 responses to “John Henderson’s 50th

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  1. Sounds great – I’ve put it in my diary. I can’t say what the likelihood of my attending is, though, what with the unpredictability generator known as Baby P…

  2. Me, me me.xxxx

  3. Just booked the train and hotel. See Y’all there!

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