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Just back from a week overseas with no Internet access, only a crummy old laptop to work on, and with only my phone’s Chambers Dictionary/Thesaurus for reference. A bit limited! One puzzle turned out OK; this one started OK but, after a few innocent themed clues centred on romance, it struck me that others offered more lewd potential, making the finished item unsuitable for newspaper publication. HOWEVER all is not as it seems. Almost without exception, there is nothing here that’s anything like as rude as the clues may suggest. Here it is:

Have fun!

PS: In Monte-Carlo my daughter and I tried a new form of motorsport which has got to be taken up here – Karting on Ice! Seriously – electrically powered (but pretty fast) karts on a temporary ice rink set up in the main part of the harbour (where the pits are during the F1 race). Huge fun.


Posted February 25, 2013 by Anax in Crosswords to solve

7 responses to “Something For The Weekend?

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  1. Perhaps a little teensy bit too coy for the Indy then? Maybe the Church Times might run it.

    See what you mean with the answers, blindsided into looking for ruder stuff than I should. Thanks DM

    Monte Carlo?? you were pleading poverty the other day.

  2. Much fun. Thanks for sharing. What am I missing on 21d (no satisfactory answer) and 5d (can’t parse).

  3. Rediscovered this one today in a pile of puzzles I’d printed out and never got round to solving. Took it with me on the train and it kept me highly amused for half an hour. Is there a solution somewhere? I guessed 10ac as an anagram of “of nut” but it doesn’t seem to be a word.

  4. Hi there Andy.
    I didn’t add a solution grid but this clue is sneaky. It’s FOND (warm) + U (the ‘filling’ of [n]U[t].

  5. Yeah, I thought of that as an answer (from crossing letters, didn’t get the wordplay) – but the sauce is FONDUE (confirmed by all my dictionaries). However, I’ve just found it in TEA as an erroneous alternative spelling from Websters 1913. Pretty flimsy justification but I’ll let you off 😉

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