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Over the past 4 or so years I’ve assembled quite a few 15×15 non-cryptic puzzles, each a mix of straight definition and mild general knowledge clues. These have been supplied to a couple of in-house monthly publications on a non-exclusive basis. The time has come to allow these puzzles to have a fresh airing elsewhere, and I’d like them to go to monthly magazines (or indeed any type of publication) which want high quality crosswords without the usual expense – for puzzles of this type the minimum fee would be around £50 per puzzle.

So here’s what I’m offering; 36 crosswords, effectively a 3-year supply, for just £350. Each is presented with fully artworked puzzle/solution grids in BMP or TIFF format, with clues and reference grids in a single Word document, all supplied by email. Payment can be by PayPal or BACS.

Know anyone involved with a magazine? Any way you could make this offer known to them?


Posted November 29, 2012 by Anax in Newsification

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