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A double dose of yours truly, I’m afraid. Anax in the Independent tomorrow, followed by a Sunday Times effort.

What else? Oh yeah – next week looks like being a bit insane (can anything be a bit insane?). Mostly stuff with the band, comprising rehearsal on Monday and two full days in a recording studio on Wedmesday/Thursday. Most of Tuesday will be spent sitting in the audience while I watch a friend doing a TV quiz thingy, followed by an extremely late excursion to whatever local tavern may still be open. Friday? A band gig. Pretty busy all round, and who knows? I might just be able to squeeze in the occasional tiny bit of a-damn-sight-more-important crossword work. Actually, no – I’ve been slogging at it nonstop for about a month; maybe a week of puzzles on the back burner will be healthy.


Posted November 16, 2012 by Anax in Crosswords to solve, Newsification

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