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Help needed – absolutely nothing to do with crosswords! Well, almost…On some FifteenSquared blogs covering barred thematic puzzles the answer grid is presented as an animated GIF showing different aspects of the fill (changing letters, highlighting etc). For some time I’ve been trying to incorporate a slideshow into a website (in FrontPage) but without success. I just realised that I could achieve the same thing by using an animated GIF instead. I’d guess, though, that what can be achieved in this way would be limited – 256 colours, the dimensions fairly modest – but it would still be something and it wouldn’t require tortured html coding.

Trouble is I don’t know how to make these GIFs. I do have instructions for creating them in PhotoShop from a video file (not actually tried it), but I want to use still images. Can anyone help me with understanding how to do this?

If you can respond here that’s fine, but do feel free to email at

Thanks all!

UPDATE: Found a function online – just posting a test GIF here to check it works (it seems to!)


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  1. Animated gifs are no longer really supported Dean, trya different image format.


    • Phil, when you say ‘not supported’…
      I know Twitter is no longer allowing new animated GIFs to be used (although apparently those already in place are OK), but are you saying they will no longer be displayed by browsers? Seems strange, given the fact they can be so damn useful!

  2. This page on my old website uses standard WordPress facilities.

    The slideshow is at the bottom of the page.

    Just add the photos to the page using the “Add Media” button (don’t insert them on the page). When you have finished select the “Gallery” tab and at the bottom select “Add Slideshow”.

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