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My daughter Xana is amazing. She’ll be 13 in about two months but the head on her shoulders is at least twice that, and she is developing truly awesome talent. The pencil drawing below (of her beloved boy band One Direction) took no less than 10 weeks of patience and is quite incredible:

The slight fattening of the image is my fault. The original pic posted on Facebook was photographed not scanned and was slightly oblique, so I used Photoshop to square it up. Still, I think you’ll agree it’s a really stunning piece of artwork – even one of the guys in the band gave it a FB ‘like’. And it inspired me to write the 1% of this entry which is crossword related – a clue to work out:

My daughter just about captures guys in One Direction in a way I certainly approve of! (8)

Any offers?


Posted April 10, 2012 by Anax in Newsification

4 responses to “99% not crossword related

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  1. Clever! I don’t know the policy on spoilers on your site, so I’ll prove I got it with a reciprocal clue!

    Cricket team, perhaps, have a barcode. Inquisitive! (8)

  2. I do hope you’re not taking Liberties 🙂

  3. Whilst I don’t necessarily approve of the subject matter she certainly has a talent that I admire greatly!. Now to work on the clue (after the Indy!)

  4. wow! that artwork is amazing!! she has a talent!

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