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…but these things require a lot of arranging. Not a lot of people know it, but this year sees yours truly reaching the 50 milestone. And there’s going to be a party. I suppose the first thing to mention is the date – 6th September. That’s a Thursday, so it’s likely that the bash itself will be on Saturday 8th September.

Location-wise we haven’t decided anything yet, but it’s likely to be south Manchester/Cheshire way – it all depends on what venues are available and practical, but the most sensible thing will be to choose an hotel so overnight stays are easier to arrange.

As well as a meal/buffet and general socialising, I envisage both DJ and live music – hence the ‘practical’ consideration relating to the venue. All of this stuff needs to be sorted out, but I’m mentioning it now because it’s a party to which all of my friends from crosswordland are invited, as well as family and friends.

There’s no point in trying to flesh out too much detail right now, but at this early stage I’d like to cordially invite you (yes, of course, I’ll send out formal invites nearer the time) to attend, and ask if you could drop me a line at anaxcrosswords@yahoo.co.uk to let me know if you’d consider joining us. Please email only – it’s easier to put emails into a dedicated folder than to take the scattergun approach of correlating emails and messages here.

UPDATE: Still early stages, but this party may be shifted to Friday 7th September – not all of my band are available for the 8th. However, if the other band I’m in contact with are OK for the 8th we may be able to mix & match anyway – will keep you posted.


Posted February 20, 2012 by Anax in Newsification

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  1. Are we still in the baby boomer crowd, as my 50th is about 3 weeks later on Sep 30.

    Hmm anyone else noticed how there’s a large clump of birthdays around Sep 24 and Sep 30, can’t think of what happened 9 months before.

    The following winter after after Anax’s and my birth was one of the coldest ever in the UK, funnily enough the birth rate went through the roof sept-nov 1963.

    Anyone else born Sept 62?

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