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…is a slightly (well,hardly) cryptic reference to tomorrow’s Anax puzzle in the Independent, which I’m plugging now while I have a window of access to WordPress. Alas, problems continue with this and some other logon-dependent sites. Just out of interest, a casual glance at XP’s date/time properties this morning revealed it had somehow decided today was 1st February. Impossible to guess what the implications are but, after correcting it, re-logging into problem sites didn’t seem quite as long-winded and repetitive.

Does anyone know if one’s OS date/time is some sort of reference point on websites where logon is needed? And, if one’s date/time are incorrect,  this would cause a problem?


Posted January 30, 2012 by Anax in Crosswords to solve

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  1. If your PC has incorrect time and/or date settings, that can indeed lead to failed logins. WP and most other sites to cookies to manage login sessions, and a mismatch in time/date will typically either generate a cookie error message, or send you back to the login page, depending on the site.

    Is the date error a one-off, or does it recur after time, or after rebooting?

    • Hi Qix
      Quite right. After correcting the date (time was right) everything seems to be OK. The incorrect date happened while I was doing a rollback when I first had problems – first time it’s happened so, thankfully, it appears to be a one-off occurrence.

  2. My date on my laptop has been wrong (Week forward) for quite some time (I can’t change it back because some of my work software will fail to authenticate) but I can still log in and out of WP OK.

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