So, what do we have lined up?   7 comments

OK, it’s a busy weekend for me, consisting largely of band gigs in the delightful town of Llangollen which will keep me away from the computer for a few days; but I can leave you with a few puzzles to play with while I’m playing away.

Tomorrow sees Elkamere return to the Friday Telegraph Toughie slot with a slightly unusual puzzle on a very odd grid (hopefully you’ll understand the choice as you solve it). Christmas comes early in this weekend’s Sunday Times with a Jumbo puzzle.  And finally Anax returns to the Independent on Monday with a gentle thematic.

Have fun one and all. Time for me to start packing gear, re-stringing the bass, giving the vocal cords a gargle, blah blah… Just hope we don’t get too much snow.


Posted December 15, 2011 by Anax in Crosswords to solve, Newsification

7 responses to “So, what do we have lined up?

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  1. Looking forward to the puzzles – day off tomorrow (w00t!). Have a good gig(s) and remember to allow the axe to get to room temperature!

  2. I thought Elkamere was ‘friendly’ Anax!! Mind you I am extremely tired after a long busy and emotional week so I will blame that on my inability to miss so many of the anagrams. Great fun as usual. Thank you once again.

  3. I’m battling through the Time Jumbo as well. Much fun!

  4. ST was a real Christmas cracker TY Anax, quite a few smile, laugh and swear out loud moments. Great stuff.

  5. Thanks all. Just back from Wales now, gradually catching up with emails & stuff. Relieved that you (and others according to the TXC message board) enjoyed the ST jumbo; makes up for the unfortunate unpopularity of the Friday Elkamere, which I thought used a pretty simple idea in a moderate way but others thought was OTT. In retrospect the clues, generally, were tougher than I thought at the time – unintentional.

  6. The Indy is a lovely friendly thing – well I thought so anyway. Didn’t have more than 5 mins to spend on the Times Jumbo yesterday but am hoping to finish that one off tonight.

    Happy Christmas to you, your daughter and your mum too. Suexx

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