Something for the weekend just came and went…   2 comments

Hope those of you who tackled my Sunday Times effort yesterday had fun. Sorry it wasn’t possible to plug it beforehand but I was away in Derby enjoying a lovely soiree (serious drinking session) with lots of solvers and setters – had a great time apart from incurring a seriously dead leg after a pre-evening meal snooze in the pub. Must have looked like I was blotto as we walked up to the (fantastic) Ghurka restaurant but, honestly, my left leg felt as useless and foreign as an imported corpse.

So what’s lined up this week? There’s an Anax in the Independent tomorrow… and I feel there’s another Loroso FT due but haven’t got a date. Fingers crossed. Oh, and thanks to my band’s drummer and keyboard player I have a rotten cold, so I’m going to go and lie down now.


Posted November 28, 2011 by Anax in Crosswords to solve

2 responses to “Something for the weekend just came and went…

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  1. Still puzzled by blood pressure clue yesterday, I’ve an answer but… nice chatting to you at the Brunswick, you could have warned me you were doing tomorrow’s Indy – I’m sure it will all be as difficult as ever.

  2. Splendid as ever – lovely &Lits and as for those giant anagrams….! Thanks for the fun brainstretching. Hope the cold is getting better.

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