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I alluded in the previous post to Independent & Tele Toughie puzzles appearing this week. It’s the Indy today – needed to check it online as I couldn’t remember which puzzle it was! It’s here: http://www.independent.co.uk/extras/puzzles/crosswords/cryptic/ (if you enjoy solving online, please bookmark that page for the daily puzzle).

Remember, Elkamere appears in the Telegraph on Thursday. If you can’t get the paper – and while technical problems persist with the online version – PDFs of the day’s puzzles are being made available on Big Dave’s Crossword Blog: http://bigdave44.com/


Posted October 18, 2011 by Anax in Crosswords to solve

4 responses to “Ah – so it’s THAT one

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  1. Good grief Anax, there are some spectacularly dodgy clues in today’s imnsho.

  2. Great fun – even if it took me ages. I was hoping as I ‘got’ and laughed very loudly at 1a on my way back from the printer that it might be slightly kinder Anax but…..!! Thanks for the great crossword.

  3. For this one, Sue, I really was in two minds. I hoped that spotting a couple of the 1234/1234 patterns would make solvers suspicious enough to look for similar symmetrically placed patterns – those (hopefully) might offer cross-checking letters even if they weren’t for full answers, so I could possibly get away with slightly harder clues for answers intersecting those.
    As Ali has already said on 225, the ‘trick’ did put a constraint on the grid and the result was a couple of unfamiliar words, so I tried to ease back a little on the difficulty… at least for those!

  4. Gordon Bennet, Mr Mayer – I thought Elkamere was supposed to be friendlier Anax – a frustratingly grand fight – lots of favourites but I did specially like 27a and 2d. Thanks for the great brain stretching.

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