A double dose   4 comments

Two puzzles for you tomorrow – Anax in the Independent and Elkamere providing the day’s Telegraph Toughie. Buy the newspapers. Take the day off work.

Posted September 28, 2011 by Anax in Crosswords to solve

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4 responses to “A double dose

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  1. I’ll certainly buy the papers but can’t afford to take the day off. Best get my solving hat on!

  2. typical a busy day and won’t get a chance to do either, damn it.

  3. A right proper toughie – it;s taken me on and off all morning (I do sometimes have to do what they pay me for) to get to the end of the Elkamere. The top half of the Indy put up a valiant fight too. Thanks for the excellent cryptic brain cell pummeling – I am off to find a sunny spot to recover.

  4. Nice one!. Just finished off the Toughie and will battle with the Times before I start the Indy. Enjoying the pitch of the Elkamere puzzles, they certainly are a shade easier than the typical Anax fare but have lost none of the inventiveness. More power to yer gusset!

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