A taste of Loroso   4 comments

…in today’s FT. A puzzle with a little twist. Download here: http://media.ft.com/cms/f67ab5b4-d3eb-11e0-b7eb-00144feab49a.pdf

Posted September 23, 2011 by Anax in Crosswords to solve

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4 responses to “A taste of Loroso

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  1. Very nice. Just the right level of difficulty for my poor old brain which had just finished fighting our devious friend’s Friday Toughie. More of the same please.

  2. Hopefully CS comments are not made in the spirit of the across clues!

    Very much enjoyed this crossword. Many thanks.

  3. As I wasn’t able to do this puzzle last Friday [only much later – mainly due to BBC 4’s Old Grey Whistle Test Night which took me away from solving crosswords], I didn’t comment at Fifteensquared. And I won’t either, so I am here to say that this was Pure Joy!
    On some previous occasions I have said that I like Loroso more than I do Anax. And although the two are two-in-one, this crossword was once more the Real Thing for me.
    The mistake that schuchi (blogging at Fifteensquared) made was the crux of this puzzle. “Starting to find” in 13ac suggests an F that wasn’t there – great misdirection.
    In 21ac (BROADSHEET) there was an another example of that. Having “B-and-not-much-more” I thought it might start with an anagram of ‘Tabloid’. Wrong again.
    12ac with the Heaven 17 reference was another one right up my street – they were great in those early days, weren’t they? “Brothers, sisters, we don’t need this fascist groove thing”.
    And the use of three “What’s” (in 1ac, 4ac and 18ac), all different – brilliant!
    At Fifteensquared, that what happened in the Across clues was more or less taken for granted, but after I got suspicious [20ac!], I thought: if it isn’t going to be like this today, then I will do it at one point or another. Well, it was like this ‘today’.
    Perhaps, Dean, you consider this crossword as one of many (as it’s your daily job), but I think this was of the 21ac’s highlights this year.

    • Hi Sil
      Many thanks for that – delighted to know you enjoyed it so much.
      I was really pleased to grab the opportunity to mention Heaven 17. They were part of my musical teens and hugely influential; Fascist Groove Thang of course, and their more mainstream single Temptation was one I always had on my (first) car’s cassette player. I think it was the Penthouse & Pavement album that ‘introduced’ a bass player called (if I remember right) John Wilson – as if he was the next big thing in bass playing. It’s funny – listening back to the recordings on that album my thoughts are “Well, he wasn’t really that special”; really, it’s true. A lot of what he plays sounds impressive but, as I’ve grown up playing bass, I’ve discovered that most of what he plays on those tracks are the sort of easy shortcuts I use myself. They sound great, but they’re remarkably easy to play. And, after all these years, the recordings themselves don’t sound nearly as impressive as they seemed to back in the day – testimony to the way MIDI (first) and digital recording (second) have made high quality sound production accessible to almost anyone.

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