Elkamere returns   6 comments

Today’s Telegraph Toughie is an Elkamere jobbie, so remember to call in at the newsagent on your travels. Elkamere is the mild-mannered, gentle-fisted brother (or bastard offspring, anyway) of Anax. He teases and cajoles but doesn’t use too many offensive weapons.

Posted August 31, 2011 by Anax in Crosswords to solve

6 responses to “Elkamere returns

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  1. Very nice it was too. The French clue was ace, bravo mon gars!.
    Besides that i have 3 left in the NE, hoping to crack it before Harrow….

  2. I will echo that. Good fun with some nice penny drop moments. Thanks for the treat.

  3. I’ll third those nice comments. I particularly liked 7a (wonder how many of our younger solvers will get the connection?) and was extremely pleased to remember about the soldiers! Thanks for the fun – keep up the good work

  4. Thanks Dean, seen 7d & 9d or very similar before in one of yours somewhere. Took about 30 mins so just about right for the train home.

    Wonder what the telegraph toughie readers would make of some of the Anaxs of the past?

    • Hi Phil!
      7/9d – that’s because I lifted them for use in sample puzzles which I may have sent to you for test solving. I held the Toughie puzzle back just in case I got a response to the samples I sent “elsewhere”, but such response never came so I kept the Toughie original. Glad to say I’ve no qualms about it – the sample puzzles were and remain unpublished so it’s not as if I’m repeating what will have been seen before in print.
      Change of subject – you know another S&B is being planned for Derby in (pretty sure this is right) November? Hope to see you there!

  5. Yes Anax, K’sD already invited me I hope to go to Derby(2) as firework season will be over.

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