The problem that won’t go away   7 comments

OK, friends, help is needed. A couple of months ago my PC got hit by a nasty virus – it was successfully removed, but some damage was left behind, and part of that damage is to my Crossword Compiler software. Basically, I can’t create puzzle templates.

So I’m asking for some assistance from anyone who is also running the latest version, i.e. CC8. What I desperately need is blank templates of various sizes for the default puzzle styles:

Standard blocked grids:

Barred grids:

Coded grids:

Shape/freeform grids:


Clues in squares grid:

That’s about it for now. There is no need to do any design whatsoever – grids can (ideally should) be completely blank, with all default settings intact. I can get into the design stuff as it’s needed. The current problem is that when I launch the software and try to create a template the default grid size is always a useless 3×3 and I get an “Out of bounds” message when I try to change it.

So that I don’t get bombarded with kindness ;o) could you please send me an email first to say you can do this favour for me; I can then update this post to say further assistance isn’t needed.

Many thanks!

Posted August 22, 2011 by Anax in Newsification

7 responses to “The problem that won’t go away

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  1. I’m an IT support guru just don’t know this sw. Will give what help I can Dean

  2. I thought for a moment the problem had corrected itself somehow; a check last night showed the default grid sizes to be selectable (they had caused crashes before). However this isn’t the case; strangely, any grid / size I select invokes a blank grid that thinks it’s a sudoku.

    So I do still need these grids!!!!!!!

  3. You got test mail. Give us a buzz if its what you are after

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