Anax on a Sunday?   2 comments

Whatever next? Get your Independent on Sunday, folks, for a gently tribute-driven puzzle; apparently there’s some sort of wedding going on in Crosswordland today. Big posh hotel daaaaaaahn London, park stylee. Cake and everything. And a band (guess who?).

Posted July 31, 2011 by Anax in Crosswords to solve, Newsification

2 responses to “Anax on a Sunday?

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  1. Yay! – Hope you all have a swell time and a good gig!
    I’ll tackle the Sindy with the ‘Apres-golf’. All the best to you know who.

    • Well, it was a cracking event, hugely enjoyable. Sadly for us the room acoustics were inexplicably bad. Facing the stage was a decibel reader/trigger, designed to cut off power if the volume continuously peaked over a certain level. Drums hardly affected it but bass amp was sending it well into the red despite the fact that, over the drums, it was barely audible, so we just couldn’t get a mix. We also had very, very little time to set up & soundcheck so had to abandon foldback – guitarist and I both do backing vox and couldn’t hear ourselves at all. It was hot too; I think I fluffed a couple of basslines here & there when sweat trickled into my eyes, although I’m not sure because I couldn’t hear the bass anyway!

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