Completing the set?   5 comments

To have crosswords in all the major outlets shouldn’t be a priority but, when you’re very close to getting there, you feel like attempting to overcome that final hurdle. I’ve approached the Guardian a couple of times and got no response, so I suspect this may be my last try. There are two sample puzzles to send, but I’d appreciate a couple of test solvers to tackle them beforehand. Any takers? Just email me and I’ll send a PDF. All I’d ask is that you offer some feedback by the end of the week. Thanks all (both)!

UPDATE: Two test solvers now at work.


Posted July 4, 2011 by Anax in Crosswords to solve, Newsification

5 responses to “Completing the set?

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  1. would love to Anax

  2. I was considering this post whilst solving my usual morning crosswords – having completed them both and before moving further along the Berliner/compacts I reckoned that you have been rumbled 😉

  3. I sent a puzzle to the Guardian 5 years ago and had no reply.
    Good luck


  4. Elkamere eh? You kept that one quiet. Good to see you in the Telegraph Toughie though. What kept you!

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