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My anaxcrosswords Yahoo email address is currently unavailable (to me)

The problem started this morning when it took several attempts to send an email reply to someone. From Yahoo’s homepage it is now only possible for me to see a Quick View of received emails – that is, I can see sender and subject line but get an “Internet Explorer cannot display the web page” message when I try to go into my email account. The odd thing is that I have 5 Yahoo email addresses serving different purposes; 2 of these seem perfectly OK. At one point – it seems to have disappeared now – the Yahoo home page flashed up a message about IPv6 compatibility, which I believe has something to do with a new email standard which will allow more email addresses to become available. I have no idea if this is of any relevance at all; when I followed the message’s link the resulting page gave no practical help whatsoever – just some blather about how brilliant it was all going to be, but nothing to download and no indication of whether or not lack of IPv6 was likely to affect existing access to emails.

I was going to suggest one of my other Yahoo addresses as a temporary contact avenue, but to be honest I’m not sure how long these others will remain accessible. For now, if you want to get in touch please use until this problem is sorted out.


Posted June 13, 2011 by Anax in Newsification

5 responses to “Email problems

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  1. I don’y feel your pain, bro as I wouldn’t touch Yahoo mail with yours. I did, however find a thread on Yahoo Answers which purported to have 2 replies but when I clicked I got this:

    “This question has been deleted

    Questions on Yahoo! Answers are sometimes deleted according to our Community Guidelines.”

    Yeah, like DON’T DISS YAHOO!. I understand that Yahoo were supposed to be in the van regarding implementing IPv6, they have been banging on about it for long enough apparently.
    The only practical solution I can offer is to check in a different browser just in case. Mozilla Firefox is good and free as is Google Chrome. I also run Opera and Safari for testing porpoises, nothing wrong with them but I prefer Firefox and Chrome generally.

  2. Can you access it via a mail client like Outlook?

    • For reasons unknown I have never managed to get Outlook to work on my machine, whether for its own emails or to set up POP3 accounts on my websites. I am toying with the idea of trying a different browser but what puzzles my is why two of my Yahoo accounts are giving me access and the other three aren’t.

      From what Gnomey’s said it appears others are experiencing problems too – and Yahoo isn’t too keen on people knowing about it!

      • Web-based mail interfaces often seem to cause problems. POP3/SMTP generally seems to be more reliable.

        If Outlook won’t work, maybe something like Thunderbird?

  3. Yahoo email seems to be OK now. Funnily enough, last night I lost all internet including PS3 connectivity – disappeared for about 30 minutes, but when it returned so had my anaxcrosswords email address.

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