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Well, not quite.

I had an email from someone looking for Anax puzzles on Alberich’s Free Crosswords Online website – they had found a few and asked why I didn’t put direct links to them here. Fair point I suppose, although I encourage everyone to visit the site and try the other puzzles because there are some stunners in there; all from unpublished setters too. Anyway, for convenience here are my efforts (with a few words of introduction):

http://www.alberichcrosswords.com/pages/id142.html This is the one that led to me joining The Times team.
http://www.alberichcrosswords.com/pages/id163.html Another straight cryptic.
http://www.alberichcrosswords.com/pages/id171.html Not themed as such, but the clues were written with an unusual constraint that popped into my head thanks to my pseudonym.
http://www.alberichcrosswords.com/pages/id182.html Half cryptic, half sudoku puzzle!
http://www.alberichcrosswords.com/pages/id201.html The Listener Crossword (in title only).
http://www.alberichcrosswords.com/pages/id218.html A cryptic using cyclical clues.
http://www.alberichcrosswords.com/pages/id255.html My first attempt at a ‘proper’ barred thematic in Listener/Magpie style.
http://www.alberichcrosswords.com/pages/id261.html A plain cryptic, but very big!
http://www.alberichcrosswords.com/pages/id273.html A themed cryptic.
http://www.alberichcrosswords.com/pages/imperator.html A Mephisto type, plain barred cryptic.
http://www.alberichcrosswords.com/pages/10byanax.html Another themed cryptic.


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