UKPuzzle / DIY COW status update   3 comments

Despite several attempts at contact there is no further news from Web-Mania regarding the offline websites. UPDATED with GREAT NEWS!!!

The website and forum are now back online with no loss of forum data. Despite earlier concerns it was possible to retrieve the sql database from Web-Mania and migrate it to the BetterWebSpace servers. My contact at BWS has been brilliant in this – every email has been replied to very quickly (often within minutes) and he’s avoided the sort of geeky tech-speak which confuses us mortals.


Posted May 4, 2011 by Anax in Newsification

3 responses to “UKPuzzle / DIY COW status update

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  1. Hi

    I’ve got the same problems, am in the process of re-creating my 4 sites from Google Cache of the pages having (a) paid Nominet to move the domain to another ISP and (b) set up an account with a new hosting provider. My sites were all on and only one of them was backed up.

    Unbeliavable what’s happening.


  2. My heart goes out to you Paul. I had the ‘advantage’ of my websites being created in FrontPage so I have them on the PC – just the phpBB forum is lost. Customers who used Web-Mania templates may have lost everything.
    Web-Mania’s claim that new equipment was installed on 4th May is just incredible; the likely truth is that they’ve gone out of business but are still apparently able to take money from unwitting punters.

  3. My quick checks do indicate they’ve gone under alas. But they should still have been making backups but those will probably be in possession of the company’s liquidators. Bad news is as they’re American you’ll find it next to impossible to get your data. Alas a host that won’t do this will be bleeding expensive. As an IT professional I find this deeply embarassing to my profession.

    Sorry Anax looks like you’ll have to start over.

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