Sloggers & Betters (Midlands) 2   29 comments

There will be a Sloggers & Betters gathering on SATURDAY 25TH JUNE in the centre of BIRMINGHAM (fairly close to New Street Station, anyway).

Come along and meet fellow solvers and setters!

The Old Contemptibles pub in Edmund Street is the venue:

Here’s a photo (from Google Street View, inexplicably a photo taken in semi-darkness!) and a map:

A rather more inviting pic courtesy of Big Dave (cheers mate):

The wine glass icon shows where the pub is

INTERESTED? Several of you have already made contact to say you’ll be there – great stuff! Could I now ask you to download this Word document: SloggersBetters9 – it gives details of the event but there’s also a little form to fill in and return via email; just simple stuff that will allow me to do name badges, confirm meal choices etc. Many thanks!

Although it’s early days we already have around 20 confirmed attendees, including some of your favourite setters: Rufus, Tyrus, Orlando, Raich and Kruger (plus some young upstart called Anax), and those of you with a competitive bent will also be able to tackle a specially set puzzle – or just do it for fun of course.


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29 responses to “Sloggers & Betters (Midlands) 2

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  1. I’ll be up for that – count me in. Can’t help with decent boozers around there, but the one you’ve chosen looks OK.

  2. Thank you Dean for taking the initiative to arrange another Midlands do. The venue looks fine and I’m looking forward to meeting you and others again there, including some new faces as well, I hope!

  3. Saturday lunch may be OK for me, till early evening.
    What time do you have in mind for this get-together?

    • For those who want to do lunch, I’m using 1pm as a basis for starting that. There’s no harm in turning up earlier, of course (I plan to be there from midday latest), and then it’s a case of staying on for as long as you like. Some stragglers stay quite late, possibly moving on to a more spit-and-sawdust real ale establishment.

  4. Thanks, Dean – see you there!

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  6. I’m planning to attend, see you there.


  7. Sounds good to me – hope to see you there.

  8. Thanks, Anax. Look forward to it. Cheers.

  9. Can’t be sure yet but I’m certainly interested, so I’ll download the form. hope to be there.

  10. Thanks guys, and especially to Allan_C for the reminder about the form.
    If you intend to come along, do please download the form (link above) to help with things like menu choices, what to put on name badges etc.
    Much thankings.

  11. Count me in as well.
    Never been to Birmingham …..

    Sil van den Hoek
  12. Thanks, Dean.

    I certainly hope to make it – I’ve got to see if I can get a dog sitter!

    Believe it or not, Sil, nor have I.

  13. I’d certainly like to come but won’t know for certain if I can make it until early June. For now put me down as a “very probable”.

  14. Have just filled in the form – hopefully see you all there.

  15. Just remembered I have a previous commitment on that day so won’t be able to make it after all 😦 Have fun, those that can.

  16. I also plan to be there, although it will seem strange to be travelling to Birmingham on a Saturday when I work there Monday to Friday. A word of warning: although Snow Hill station is in fact the closest to the venue, Chiltern Railways will be doing major engineering works that weekend and normal services will operate via Paddington and Oxford. Check their website for details.

  17. Having missed the previous Midlands S&B get-together I am distraught that I shall be out of the country for this one as well. Enjoy yourselves, all those that can make it.

    Third time lucky, perhaps?

  18. Could you put me down as a “maybe”? I have some complicated travel to sort out around that time, but hope I can make it. I’ll email the word document to you as soon as possible if I can come.

  19. Look forward to it. Derby was fun – and Birmingham’s even easier to get to from Cardiff!

  20. I won’t be able to make it after all. I’m really disappointed but will look forward to seeing all the photos. See you all at the next one, I hope.

  21. Should be there – now that I’ve confirmed that the Chiltern Line hassles won’t make me start my journey in the wrong direction. Looking forward to putting some new faces to names.

    Peter Biddlecombe
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  23. Had signed up for an ultramarathon this Saturday but fell down a mountain last week and can’t run, so would love to come along, meet people and have a few. Haven’t managed to get the form to work but will try on another computer, otherwise will email you, Anax. All the best, Arachne

  24. Would have loved to revisit the city I spent three years in as an articled clerk with Coopers & Lybrand in Edgbaston in the 70’s but no new grandchild to visit this time so I’ll have to stay 7,000 miles away. How is Bull Ring? Is the Chinese restaurant, Slow Boat still operating? I used to live along Alum Rock Road quite near Southall (wondering whether they are stiill there?)

  25. I will be there including lunch

  26. Many thanks, Anax, for organising yesterday’s most excellent S&B do. Great fun, didn’t want to go home! Hope to see you at the next one, whenever and wherever it may be. All the very best, Arachne.

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