UKPuzzle / DIY COW down again   4 comments

Apologies all – just got back from Italy to pick up an email from Web-Mania who host these websites. Part of that email reads:

We would like to give you an update regarding an issue found on server 15.

The Power Supply Unit in this server has failed, we sent a replacement PSU to the data centre which was installed, unfortunately although power was live on the server, the server itself would not respond.

We believe the midplane on the server has suffered damage as a result of the PSU failure.

We are now sending a replacement chasis for the server to the data centre. Which we hope will solve the issue.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Posted April 30, 2011 by Anax in Newsification

4 responses to “UKPuzzle / DIY COW down again

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  1. Hi Anax just wondering if there is any news of when COW is likely to be back, sorry I can’t understand that technical stuff above

  2. Hi Pep – sorry, no news yet. And, like you, I’m baffled by the technical stuff. Power Supply Unit I understand, but I’ve got absolutely no idea what a ‘midplane’ is.

  3. So are we anywhere else?? as before

  4. Yes we are – here’s one for your Favourites:

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