Loroso in the FT   3 comments

Puzzle 13,672 (19th April) available around midnight from the FT crossword page: http://www.ft.com/arts/crossword

Posted April 18, 2011 by Anax in Crosswords to solve

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3 responses to “Loroso in the FT

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  1. Very enjoyable. I did need my thesaurus for 10a. Lots of lovely clues – nice to remember the old 21a. Thanks Anax – helped a slow morning at work pass very nicely!

  2. Thanks Sue. At one point I’d considered the cruelty of taking F FLAT as E (which it is, at least on a guitar fretboard) but decided the answer was uncommon enough to begin with; no point in making it worse!

  3. I just loved it! Practically every clue solved was a pdm – far too many to highlight. Very many thanks, Anax.

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