Cryptic Crossword 007   4 comments

A themed one (but nothing to do with Bond – the puzzle number is coincidental).

A little bit of a gripe first – the usual PDF link hasn’t been uploaded to the applet. Crossword Compiler is, I’m sorry to say, absolutely useless when it comes to PDFs of puzzles with preamble as well as title; I just couldn’t get it to include both despite several attempts at setting the headers and specifying which were to be included. Instead the PDF has been prepared in Word and is here JamRecipebyAnax and the interactive version is here:

The puzzle itself should be moderate-to-tough, mostly because of how the theme is applied, but the clues themselves are fairly gentle.


Posted March 25, 2011 by Anax in Crosswords to solve

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4 responses to “Cryptic Crossword 007

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  1. Well well (oh damn!) Um err (bother!) is the some other way to do this (rats!) OK theme obvious but gosh it’s hard to complete. Wot no Nicholas Parsons hidden as a nina? 🙂

  2. Having completed and examined this erudite grid, I thank Anax and warn other solvers to beware the smal print!

  3. Hi Anax
    I only noticed this addition to your website a couple of hours ago. I just wanted to say thanks. It was a very pleasant way to spend half an hour over lunch.

    Fortuately I didn’t read the first comment before solving the puzzle otherwise I would have seen flashlings spoilers which would have detracted from my enjoyment of it.

    This would be a good lead-in for those thinking about giving the likes of the EV, and other barred-grid puzzles, a go.

  4. Oops sorry Gaufrid!

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