Cryptic Crossword 006 – Something for the weekend   2 comments

I’ve put the link for this puzzle inside the thread as I would recommend that you read the introduction first.

This puzzle is based on a somewhat risqué theme – I just want to make it clear from the outset that the intention is solely fun; also, while the theme is risqué there is no offensive language or overt rudeness in either clues or answers. It’s just the subject matter which might not meet with universal approval. Here’s a link to the puzzle:

PLEASE – Just have fun with it.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Before tackling the crossword please resist the temptation to read any comments below as they may give away the theme!

ADDITIONAL ADDITIONAL: This clip may help those who are struggling with 20d (sorry – embedding has been disabled):


Posted March 18, 2011 by Anax in Crosswords to solve

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2 responses to “Cryptic Crossword 006 – Something for the weekend

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  1. An Anax crossword with an adult theme? Shurely not! 4 to go NE corner holding me up, Nina not much help except for spelling 17d. I can see why it’s not submitted even if it does say Independent at the top… Not that I recognize any of the theme publications at all – oops – damn!

  2. Oh God, that’s annoying. Bloody Crossword Compiler! When this puzzle was set it was intended for the Indy but Eimi and I agreed it was a bit near the bone (as it were). The ‘Independent’ bit is embedded in the information part of the file – I didn’t think it would display!

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