Cryptic Crossword 005   7 comments

After a short break, a new puzzle for you to try:

While in Italy this week I managed to rustle up three cryptics (there were a couple of days when it wasn’t sunny or warm enough to venture out) and this was the third. The other two have been sent to the Independent and FT and will appear in due course. This third was also originally intended for the Independent but, after setting it, I didn’t feel that as a thematic it had sufficient ‘Wow!’ factor, which I suppose is a bit of a funny thing. There’s lots of thematic stuff in the grid and until a year or so back I’d probably have thought ‘Well, that’s enough isn’t it?’ – odd how things change. I guess that, now, I tend to be more attracted by the idea of something a bit unexpected and this, despite being quite heavily thematic, just feels rather plain somehow.

Anyway, my hope is that this one will be pretty easy to solve – I certainly tried to design the clues that way. Please do leave a comment to let me know if it was a pleasant stroll rather than a drag through thorny bushes.


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7 responses to “Cryptic Crossword 005

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  1. Well I’ve only had a quick look, but with all those 1’s if this isn’t thematic enough gods help us with the ones you’ve submitted! Will give it a proper go tomorrow. Hope the italian break has restored your spirits.

  2. Thanks F.
    Restored spirits? Hmm – certainly restored a good stock of wine. You know what’s really popular in Italy at the moment? 1Ltr cartons of good (I mean very palatable) red/white vino at 1.40euro a throw. Brought back a suitcase full of it – incredible value and starting to go to my head right now.

  3. Took me a while to work this out and I am still stuck on 3 but I did enjoy it the solving of the rest. We are off to Sicily in May – here’s hoping the vino is still a bargain.

  4. Much appreciated – entertaining, enjoyable, smiles along the way and lots to mull over.

  5. Thanks Anax

    Took me a little while but I got there. Some nice traps, some shibboleths, great theme.

    Most enjoyable, thank you.


  6. OK given up with 2 to go, you got me beat, do you publish the solution anywhere?

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